Four reasons to consider cluster mailboxes for your neighborhood

A common sight in different neighborhoods is a big post with a cluster of mailboxes at the top of the street. Also, more and more homeowners are opting to remove their mailboxes and get together with the rest of the street and install a mailbox cluster. The postal service welcomes the change as it makes their life easier. Only one stop per street which saves a lot of time. For homeowners, there are several advantages:

Security – The level of security is much higher with a cluster mailbox than for an individual mailbox on the curb. Most cluster mailboxes are the most secure delivery systems for mail that you can buy. For example, some have welded seams, steel hinges, and proper cam locks in place to prevent damage, vandalism, mail theft.

Parcel lockers – With most retail moving online, the majority of the items we get are parcels. What about larger packages? You can order closer mailboxes with parcel lockers. The parcel locker works for large packages that don’t fit the normal box. The postman then places the key to the parcel locker in the tenant’s mailbox.

Outgoing mail slot – Another convenient feature is the outgoing mail slot. The postal service retains a key to collect outgoing mail. Also, like the rest of the CBU, the outgoing slot has protections in place to prevent theft and vandalism.

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