How to Properly Inspect a Garage Door By Yourself

Just before the winter hits in earnest is a good time to inspect your garage door for trouble. Colder weather means the machinery in your home has to work harder to deliver the same level of service to you. Here are some tips to inspect and spot problems with the heaviest, and largest moving object in your home.

Perform a Visual Inspection

Begin with the motor and work your way to the front of the garage. Look for light bulbs that have burnt out, then start inspecting the track and rollers. Look for tracks that show unusual wear, cables that are frayed or rollers that are bent or crooked. You might even be able to hear some of this when you open and close the garage door.

The springs, toward the front of the garage, are the last places you want to check for wear. They are also one of the most important signs that a problem is imminent. Your springs should have a light coating of oil on them, which you can replenish with a rag coated in motor oil. If the springs are cracked or broken, avoid them and call a technician.

Test the Door

Your garage door should stop and reverse direction if there is an obstruction in the way of the door itself. This is to protect limbs and cars from damage. You will notice a small box about six inches from the ground, which acts as a sensor to check for obstructions. Open your door with an object in range of that sensor to test whether the function works as intended. If it does not, repair your sensor immediately as you are facing a potential safety hazard.

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