Our Top Tax Articles just in Time for Tax Season

Tax season is officially here and we’ve rounded up our most popular (and useful) tax articles to help you file and get your full refund. Whether you have questions about your children’s taxes, your tax documents or home-related tax issues, we’ve got answers. Here are our top 10 tax articles to simplify this year’s tax season. 1. Tax Mistakes: What to Do When Your 1099 or W-2 is Wrong Do you know what to do if your 1099 or W-2 has a mistake and the employer who issued it won’t help

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Rising Interest Rates On The Horizon With Trump Presidency

Rising interest rates are on the horizon, according to Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen. And, it doesn’t look at though Donald Trump’s election will change the interest rate forecast. In Congressional testimony, Yellen said that the Federal Reserve plans an interest rate increase “relatively soon.” But, mortgage interest rates are already rising sharply. According to this week’s Primary Mortgage Market Survey, conducted by Freddie Mac, 30-year fixed-rate mortgage interest rates spiked in the wake of the election and rose to 3.94 percent, up nearly a half percentage point from 3.57 percent a week earlier. Fifteen-year mortgage rates also jumped significantly, to 3.14 percent, up from 2.88 percent a week earlier.

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Managing Mortgage Payments in Retirement

If you’re nearing retirement and still carrying a mortgage you’re probably worried about managing your mortgage payments in retirement. And, who could blame you? A new survey by the American Institute of CPAs found that retirees’ biggest concern is  running … Continue reading

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