The Benefits of Hiring an Interim Executive

Summary: Interim executives are rising in popularity due to their objectivity, flexibility, and vast skillset.

A company that loses a leader like a CEO or other executive faces a situation that requires strategic planning. Without a proper succession plan in place, the situation can get out of control and damage the company as a whole. But before you begin an immediate search, you may want to consider hiring an interim leader that will give your hiring committee the time it needs to find the right candidate.

Today’s companies are hiring interim executives at high rates in order to bridge the gap between the loss of a pivotal member of the organization and the hiring of their successor. Here are some benefits that an interim manager can provide.

Flexible and Experienced

Interim mangers are qualified, assuming you are working with reputable interim short term management services. Their previous experience with other companies similar to yours, ensures a quick turnaround plan and a successful end result. Moreover, they are able to produce as soon as they walk through the door. When you need resources quickly, interim leadership can provide an instant spark.

An Honest Assessment

Because interim executives are not tied to the company, there are no personal feelings in the matter of decision-making. They can assess situations objectively and ensure stakeholders are not tied to a number of different influences. To sum it up, they are able to concentrate only on what is best for your business. Lyle Charles, of Lyle Charles Consulting, believes that interim managers have a fresh, outside perspective that gives them the ability to identify problems and implement unique solutions that may not have been thought of by the incumbent former CEO.