The guide to sofa stuffings

Written by The Foam Factory

When shopping for a sofa, people are often caught up in the couch cushions, fabric, the color, the design, and the style.  While all of these attributes are important, the most important are what goes into the sofa. How much you will use the sofa, and how much you will love it, will depend largely on what is inside. Foam is one of three most common types of materials that goes into a sofa. Here is a guide on foam fillings:

Foam is in sofas, couches, and replacement cushions either on its own or in combination with other materials like polyester fiber. Foam is the most popular filling for good reason as it provides a structured look and feels and requires very little maintenance. When it comes to foam, there are some differences between what is available:

High-density foam is firm and bounces back quickly. This type of foam is easier for people who require a little help to get up from the sofa. There are two ways of looking at the density, one as the weight of the foam and the other as for how it bounces back from the weight.

On the other side, there is soft foam which has more give than high-density foam but has a decent bounce back. Soft foam also maintains the same structure look that foam provides.

Finally, there is reflex foam which is a dense supportive foam. You will get a firm seat and a rigid appearance.


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