Three reasons to run a credit background check

Written by Tenant Screening Services, LLC

As a landlord, choosing the right tenant is critical. Here are three reasons a background check will help in the process:

Peace of mind

It helps to know what you are dealing with. Even if you proceed with someone, who has a criminal record, at least you do so knowing the truth. There is no need to wonder if your new tenant is violent, or a fraud. Do an instant background search to see if you need to go further.


There is a chance that one of the individuals who apply as a tenant is dangerous. It could be a violent criminal or even a sex offender. There are some individuals that you do not want to risk as tenants. Even if they pass a landlord credit check, go further and look at their criminal history. What if you accept someone without checking, only for them to commit a crime or assault a neighbor? Running a background check protects other tenants and neighbors.

The right person

Choosing a new tenant is a long process. From advertising, shortlisting and interviews, it can take weeks. Your time is important, which is why it is so crucial to find the right person the first time around. Save yourself the time and do it thoroughly the first time.


Forget all the headaches caused by tenants, get Tenant Screening Services, LLC to do tenant background checks and get some peace of mind.