Uninvited Guests: Keeping Your Property Safe When You’re Away

For homeowners with large properties, sometimes your “home” encompasses quite a few buildings. Detached garages, storage and work sheds, pool houses, the list goes on and on. Maintaining buildings on your property that you use often comes naturally, but don’t forget to check in on potential problem areas with less traffic. This is especially helpful to do if you own multiple properties far apart from one another. Visiting on your own for a personal inspection, or hiring someone you trust, can catch issues early before they become expensive and dangerous vulnerabilities.

Natural Pests

Mother Nature is precious, but when it comes to property management she can be your greatest foe. Chemicals, noise emitters, and other treatments can drive critters away from your property before they attempt entry. Make sure all doors and windows are properly sealed to prevent bugs, rodents, and other vermin from infesting or taking shelter in your property. Treat all wood to prevent termites, and visit regularly to ensure that bees and other similar stinging insects do not set up nests.

Unnatural Pests

Regardless of where your property is, burglars and vandals are likely a primary concern. Keeping an eye on your locks and hinges is a good start. All doors to the outside of the building should have their hinges on the inner side of the door to prevent tampering or removal. Make sure all windows are closed and locked prior to leaving, especially unusual ones like basement or attic windows. Keep locks up-to-date, check for signs of tampering, and be vigilant about the location of all key copies. If there are multiple exits, install deadbolts in addition to key-operated locks so most entries can be bolted as well as locked prior to leaving.

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