What Not to Do When Selling Your Home

What-Not-to-Do-When-Selling-Your-HomeThere are plenty of things that you shouldn’t do when selling your house. Home buyers are always going to be reluctant coming in to an open house. Armed only with photos and possibly a good word of how exquisite the house looks, don’t expect them to close the deal immediately.

From a buyer’s perspective, a home is one of the largest investments that they are going to make in their lifetime. They want a place that they can proudly call home and won’t hesitate to move on if it’s out of their price range.

This is why trying to haggle with a buyer and selling your house higher than its actual value is not recommended. When you are solely seeking out a profit, the home buyer is going to notice – this is not to say that you can’t price it higher than it’s worth, but greedy sellers will raise their prices by the thousands.

Showing up at an open house is a huge no-no. Let your agent show your house around to the buyer. There’s nothing more awkward than seeing the owner of the house casually walking around with them. Again, the reluctance of the buyer plays a huge part in selling a house. You obviously would want them feeling comfortable and especially interested. By being there, you’ll only become a distraction and the buyer won’t truly remember the entire experience when they leave.

When you put your house up for show, try not to limit the show times to when it’s most convenient for you. You’ll miss out on some buyers that could always be that one that will sign the deal. You’ll want to take every opportunity that you can get to display your house – especially when it comes down to an offer made.

Bio: Kuba Jewgieniew is the founder of Realty ONE Group, a decorated real estate brokerage firm that has won numerous accolades such as one of the fastest growing companies in America by Inc. 500.