Why you should screen potential Renters?

Often you may hear of nightmare stories where tenants have caused landlords trouble and often left the property with extensive repairs. Tenant Screening Services, LLC recommends that landlords should follow the steps below to reduce the dangers of facing evictions or costly repairs.

The Telephone Interview – Most often landlord’s will communicate with potential tenants on the phone. This initial telephone conversation is a good time for the landlord to ask the right questions to identify good quality tenants. Landlords should ask the name of the prospective tenant, the date they wish to occupy the premises, do they have a landlord reference, reasons for moving, the number of people in the family and if there are any pets. It is also a good idea to let the tenant know about the monthly rent and security deposit payments at this time.

Personal Interview – Once both parties are satisfied with the responses received, a viewing of the property is necessary. At the viewing, the landlord should clarify any further questions regarding the maintenance of the property, the contract and how monthly rental payments are made. If the landlord is happy a potential tenant(s), then tenant background checks should be conducted with signed consent from the tenant. Signed consent can be included in a section of the tenant’s application form. Application form samples can be downloaded and printed online. Once the consent is received, the landlord can conduct a tenant background check on the applicant.