Common Issues That Can Result in Construction Claims

Construction site with crane and building in city

Summary: If you work on several construction projects in a given year, it is entirely possible that some projects might not go according to plan. These issues can result in either your company or the client filing a construction claim for compensation.

Construction work is largely based on the projects you agree to complete. A lot of the growth and profits come from working with clients and continuously working on sites. As a result, you can find yourself working with a number of different people from different industries, each with their own preferences, guidelines, and expectations.

If you are just starting a construction business or if yours has been running for years, it would be worth your time to familiarize yourself with some of the most common issues that can result in construction claims. This can help you keep your company on track for success.

Taking Too Long

Before beginning to work on a construction project it is common to first agree upon and sign a contract with the client who is funding the work. One of the things that you and the client will decide on is a date that the work should be completed by. Depending on the circumstances, you and your construction crew can be at fault if the project is not ready by said date. Natural disasters will not put the contractor at fault but poor time management will.

Different Worksite Conditions

As a contractor, you might need to file a construction claim if the worksite you are presented with is different from what the client has described to you. For instance, if you were told that you and your crew would be building on a flat surface but the property is on a slope, you will have to put in additional work to keep the building level and stable.

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