Prepare Your Guest Room for An Open House

Summary: The most often neglected room in a house is the guest bedroom. When you are preparing for an open house, make sure you spruce up the guest bedroom to leave all potential buyers with a great first impression.

When putting your house for sale, you or your realtor probably plan to hold several open houses. This allows for potential buyers, and the public in general, to come see your house while it is fully furnished and appreciate the space. Because you know the presentation of the house can make or break a family’s decision, you will do everything you can to make every room look as appealing as possible.

One of the rooms that is often overlooked is the guest room. It is that spare room that people do not put as much effort into decorating, and can easily forget about when they are putting their house for sale. But seeing as you can never know what a potential buyer might use the room for, you should definitely spruce it up when preparing for an open house. This room could be a new CEO’s home office, a new couple’s first baby’s room, or even a fitness buff’s home gym. Never leave the guest room untended when you are trying to sell your house.

Make The Bed

Regardless of whether or not you have many guests stay over, be sure to have clean, smooth bed sheets on the guest bed. As the bed is typically the centerpiece of bedrooms, home-buyers will notice if the sheets are not fresh, and might question the upkeep of the rest of the home.

Also check that the mattress foam is still comfortable to be on. You never know if someone passing by might take a seat on the bed. Although this bed will not be there for the new buyer, it could easily have an impact on whether or not they buy the house.

Coordination is Key

In the guest room, it is equally as important as any other room to have decor that compliments each other. If the decorations are mismatched, it sends a bad message to potential buyers. You want them to be able to imagine how they would decorate the room, so keeping it clean and looking sharp will help them make the decision.

Overall, when you are getting ready for an open house, you should ask yourself if you would buy the home again, if you would happily live with every room. If the answer is yes, then you are ready to invite buyers in. If the answer is no, you have some work to do. Look to stores like Pier 1 Imports, Ikea, and The Foam Factory to spruce up your home, especially your guest bedroom, for your next open house.