Selecting the Right Door for Your Interior Space

Written by ETO Doors.

An interior door does more than open and close. It provides a stylish point of reference for rooms throughout the house. A great-looking door can complement the existing decor of a home or bring new elements into the interior design. In addition to looking great, interior doors also need to be functional and durable, lasting for years while helping to keep noise isolated within rooms. This is particularly true for bedroom doors, which provide sound insulation to help people sleep restfully.

So what should you be looking for when selecting an interior door? Here are a few of the key features to consider:

Door Styles: Your two main options when it comes to an interior door is a prehung door or a slab door. A prehung door comes with everything that you need to for installation including the jamb and the frame. A slab door is just the door – you’ll need to add a separate jamb and frame or use an existing one.

Materials: Wood is the most common type of material used for interior doors because of their beauty. One choice you’ll need to make with wood doors is if you want a solid or hollow core door. A solid door will be the most rugged and is great if the door will be used regularly. Hollow core doors are lighter and less expensive and are fine for infrequently used doors.

Sound Insulation: If you are installing a bedroom door, you will want to consider a door that has sound dampening qualities. Thicker doors such as solid wood doors will provide the highest amount of sound insulation.

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