Want new or used cleaning equipment?

It seems as if the age of the broom has come to pass, with the evolution of sophisticated cleaning equipment that prevents you from “leaning into” the task of cleaning. While most Third World countries still use the multi-purpose broom, most Western countries have long since banished the broom from households, and other places where large surfaces have to be cleaned regularly.

Take for example the floor buffer, which makes life so much easier as it does the job just as effectively as old fashioned implements did but only a lot quicker, and with a lot less effort. Of course, this automated implement takes care of non-carpeted floors such as linoleum, marble or hardwood leaving it with a glossy finish.

What makes this machine unique are the rotary brushes that are can be adjusted in terms of pressure and speed so that it can be modulated to simply clean the floor or even strip off wax or even remove a stubborn stain the floor. While the ones used for the home are moderately sized, the ones used for commercial purposes are much larger and cover a greater amount of area every time it is put on task.

The carpet extractor is also another device that is used to remove dust and grime from carpets effectively, and which makes the task way easier than it is to do manually.